Start where you are – feet on mat


80% of success is showing up – Woody Allen.

Here you are – showing up. If you are here, then you are interested, at least, in finding out more about yoga.
Perhaps you are an experienced yoga practitioner looking for a class or just plain curious.
No matter.

Yoga is about showing up, it’s about doing something for your body and for your mind and it doesn’t have to be any more than that.

It is a privilege to teach beginners and see them experience the breath and the postures with no preamble, no lengthy explanations as to the why of it, no talk of yoga philosophy, just yoga’s simple gifts. A comfortable spine, tired aching bodies that now feel that bit looser and lighter. A feeling of calm or actual happiness! One student new to yoga commented that she felt really happy at the end of class.

We have heard so much in past years about what ‘we need to do’ to make ourselves feel happy, about how we have so much and ‘should’ feel happy, we are told to ‘work’ on ourselves and make happiness a permanent state of mind. The pursuit of happiness becomes another thing to do, another thing to measure up to – have we succeeded, or failed? Are we ‘good enough’? Have we worked hard enough on our happiness? Or is it another thing to put on our endless to-do lists along with what clothes we should wear, what car we should drive, how we can parent, love, do the laundry better? Self-help has become self-hell.

I say just show up. Be as present as you can be on the mat, with the understanding that the very nature of your mind is to think, and daydream and chatter and that’s okay. If happiness comes to you enjoy it; if a list of tomorrow’s errands visits you politely ask it to leave.

Either way you will have reaped the many physical benefits of the postures and the breath. You have taken time for yourself, you have shown up.

Success is yours!

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