The benefits of yoga

In a world seemingly obsessed with body image, yoga provides a nurturing environment where the emphasis is always on the strength and grace of your body as it is today – perfect, healthy and strong. Far from a definitive list, the benefits below are just some of the reasons that students seek out and bring yoga practice into their regular routines.

Balance & Posture

Yoga increases your natural sense of balance and develops physical confidence. Good balance has also recently been cited as a factor in reducing the onset of dementia.

Inner Calm

Breathing practices calm the mind and allow students to regain a sense of control over their emotional state. Breathing helps calm the nervous system, and also facilitates toxin elimination.

Strength & Muscle Tone
Yoga increases muscle tone by asking your muscles to lift and hold your body weight; keeping muscles supple,and increasing muscle thickness and strength
Improved Health & Immunity

Yoga increases your body’s ability to fight disease and to bounce back after illness. Yoga practitioners often report faster recovery times after illness or surgery.

Healthy Hearts

Yoga increases circulation and blood flow throughout the body. It has been credited in many medical studies as helping prevent and treat some forms of heart disease.

Mental Clarity & Dexterity

Numerous studies have shown how postures and meditation can help change unhelpful or negative patterns of thinking, and provide much needed mental clarity during stressful times

Start enjoying the benefits of yoga for yourself

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