Caulfield yoga

  Are you looking for local Caulfield yoga classes? Are you new to yoga and unsure of where to start?

We have been running hatha yoga classes for twenty years. We understand that people come to yoga for many different reasons.  Some people are returning to a yoga practice they may have let go of, and others might be new to yoga and wondering what it has to offer.

There’s no ‘Instagram’ yoga here, but you will find variations and practices to challenge you, along with the knowledge and foundation to build your own sustainable yoga practice.  And of course, there’s the myriad of physical, emotional and physiological benefits that yoga brings. 

Our priority is that you feel comfortable in the class and work to a level that suits you. This means that whether you are an experienced student or a complete beginner you will get the most out of your practice. It’s about enjoying the process, rather than pushing your way through the postures.

Our classes are trauma- informed, meaning that you won’t be adjusted or told to work in pairs.  You can come out of a posture in your own time or simply choose not to do it at all.  Trauma informed yoga is about respecting your personal boundaries and choice.  It’s relevant to all of us, whether you have recently experienced trauma or are simply looking for a class that is less prescriptive and more collaborative.

Caulfield Yoga Classes

Currently Caulfield classes are one on one, please contact us for details.
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