Our History

Yoga Essence was first established in 1998. Based in North Melbourne and Caulfield South, Yoga Essence classes offer both beginners and intermediate level students a variety of postures. With an emphasis on safe alignment and incorporating the breath throughout the practice, our classes allow students to build strength and flexibility and learn the tools needed to fully relax. 

Yoga Essence has spent fifteen years teaching adults and children the practice of yoga in a safe, friendly and inviting environment. Along with improved fitness, flexibility and a general sense of physical well being, we have always sought to equip students with the skills required to train their minds to let go of the chaos of their thoughts – and move in to a deep state of relaxation.
As adults we really need this as a respite from the ongoing stress of living in today’s world, where work and family concerns increasingly jostle for space in our minds. In a world seemingly obsessed with body image, yoga provides a nurturing environment where the emphasis is always on the strength and grace of your body as it is today, perfect and healthy and strong.
This is increasingly important for adolescents who often reject physical activity as they begin to feel self conscious about their bodies & turn away from sport because they don’t want to sweat or feel uncomfortable in the uniform.
Children often have their own anxieties as well as taking on the concerns of their parents and being vulnerable to peer group pressure. That’s a lot to deal with.

At Yoga Essence we nurture a child’s inherent ability to sit comfortably with themselves and to realise that they are absolutely fine, just as they are. When children access their own safe place, within themselves, they always have that as a touchstone. It increases their confidence and lessens the impact of their peers. Simply put, they have a friend in themselves, a friend that they have forgotten about!

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