Kids Yoga

There are so many benefits of kids yoga it’s hard to know where to start.

Physically we know that Kids yoga helps to develop strong healthy bodies and to maintain that amazing flexibility that our children already have. Let’s keep them squatting, heels down in play, spontaneously jumping in to down dog, and happy to turn themselves upside down!

Yoga helps to maintain the fantastic posture children already have, reinforcing the gentle engagement of the belly muscles and effortlessly keeping that strong core that so many of us have to work hard to get back later in life.

The poses and stretches also help develop an early sense of individual physicality – increasing body awareness and co- ordination, and building body confidence. Using the whole body to do fun amazing postures develops a healthy respect for what the body can do – rather than what it looks like. The benefits for children extend far beyond the physical.

Yoga helps to develop concentration, focus and confidence.  Most importantly it helps children to develop a secure sense of self to return to over and over again regardless of the chaos of the outside world. Teaching children gentle breathing techniques, and helping them notice what’s going on in their body and mind helps foster emotional regulation. With all the amazing research we now have available to us on the activity of the brain and it’s ability to forge new neural pathways, we know that we can help children to move away from unhelpful or distracting thoughts and move towards more helpful positive ways of thinking.  Through yoga we encourage children to experience how these happier states of mind can feel through encouraging supportive language, active listening, engaging games, music, and social and emotional learning activities.

We keep the classes to a maximum of eight children around the same age, and run the sessions in six week blocks.


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